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Abrasive Waterjet& Machining

We are amongst the top contendors of the mechanized world and precision cutting industry.

Abrasive Waterjet

G&C Multi-Services, LLC is the only fabrication shop in the city of Paducah that utilizes an abrasive waterjet cutting system. This unique and efficient machine allows us to create custom cut parts with maximum precision. Our Omax waterjet can cut virtually any material up to 8 inches thick Without any traces of heat stress. Our full-time waterjet technician is ready to assist you with any questions, concerns, or projects. Needless to say, we will cut your problems away.


One of the vast service elements that make our company stand above the rest is our machining department. G&C Multi-Services' substantial volume of machinery knowledge entails CNC machining, as well as other machining equipment in the commercial and industrial industry. Our machine technicians are certified and ready to perform any and all mechanical tasks. We have what it takes to complete any job with efficiency and a meticulous attention to detail.