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Controls & Automation


At G&C Multi-Services we are at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our eyes are constantly looking toward the future and our company understands the importance of top notch facility management. That's why we offer the latest in programmable logic controls (PLCs), supervisory control and data aquisition (SCADA), and human machine interfaces (HMIs). Our superior CIMON systems are amongst the top of the industrial game and directly integrate with any and all other PLC technologies such as IDEC and Allen-Bradley equipment. Click on the link below and let's see what we can do for you.

Supervisory Control & Data Aquisition:SCADA


We offer a great selection of SCADA software sure to meet your industrial automation and control needs. Our ultimate access Cimon system is the optimal choice for your facility management.


Programmable Logic Controls:PLC


G & C Multi-Services utilizes some of the most advanced programmable logic control systems on the market. Our close relationship with CIMON Corporate allows us the versatility to customize our technology to fit all of our customers needs and specifications. This enables us to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Check out the products we offer below and let's see how we can imporve your facilities industrial automation.


Human Machine Interface:HMI


Along with our exceptional line of PLC and SCADA systems, G & C also offers a multitude of HMI units as well. Look below to see how we can upgrade your human machine interface situation.

Electrical Control Components:IDEC


G & C Multi-Services also fosters an ever prospering relationship with one of the top tier automation companies in the industry: IDEC. We offer a wide array of IDEC brand electrical control components. See our product inventory below.