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Graco Automatic Lubrication: A Revolution in Machinery Maintenance --

BioBlend: The Future of Lubrication

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Tomorrow's Lubricants Today

BioBlend is changing the landscape of the lubricants business by utilizing the latest technologies to create renewable and biobased products for a wide variety of applications. BioBlend offers biodegradable options for hydraulic fluid, grease, metalworking, gear, multi-purpose, chain & cable, penetrating oil, and many other specialty lubricants. BioBlend is the premier choice for the environmentally conscious consumer, like ThyssenKrupp. ThyssenKrupp Elevator achieved LEED Gold status at their plant in Middleton, TN. BioBlend supplied them with the environmentally safe options they were looking for. They've made a commitment to going petroleum free and BioBlend is proud to partner with them to develop a complete suite of products. If you think BioBlend might be the right choice for your company give us a call at 270-443-6077 and we will be glad to walk you through the many types of biodegradable lubricants they offer. We look forward to helping you in reaching your environmental goals, one step at a time.

Automatic Standby Generators

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What is an Automatic Standby Generator?

An Automatic Standby Generator is a generator with an automatic transfer switch. This transfer switch allows the generator to monitor the power going to the house, and switch the power over to the generator if it detects a drop in the main power. This means that when the main power goes out, it will only be moments before the generator will take over and run the house or business like normal. This feature makes these generators more hassle-free than portable generators. A portable generator has to be turned on, and has to have extension cords run from it to power things, requiring the home or business owner to unplug things from the outlet, and plug them in to the extension cords. An automatic standby generator will run power to the same outlets these things are plugged into already. A standby generator offers less downtime and the ability to power more things than a portable generator. Another upside to an Automatic Standby Generator is that most run off of a natural gas line, meaning you won't have to worry about having propane or diesel laying around to make your generator function, it will be ready to go exactly when you need it to be.

Graco Automatic Lubrication:
A Revolution in Machinery Maintenance

Image source: Graco

What is Automatic Lubrication?

Automatic Lubrication systems apply a set amount of grease/oil to the lubrication points at a pre-set time or machine count.

Why Use Automatic Lubrication?

These systems are very flexible and, for example, can be set to activate every third time your machine runs or even hourly. This means your machinery will always have the optimum levels of lubrication instead of having periods where it is over or under lubricated. Using an automated lubrication system has proven to make machinery last 4 times longer than if it was manually lubricated. This means less downtime on your machinery, lower repair costs, and frees up an employee to focus on their job rather than keeping machinery lubricated.


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