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Custom Floor Leveling
Screw Jacks
These are screw jacks made for leveling floors of a house.  Dimensions: base plate and top plate =
4 in. x 4 in.    Height = low - 9 1/4 in.   High - 15 1/2 in.

Price:  $17.00 each

These jacks are versatile and easy to use and install.  This low cost floor leveling system gives you
the ability to add multiple lift points in a small area for better detail.  Other jack systems are very
expensive and use a secondary support beam to cross several floor joists causing you to raise and
lower several times and to add shims making detail hard to achieve and causing labor cost to go up.
Directions:  Build a base for the jacks to sit on.  Place as many solid concrete blocks as necessary
to reach between 9 1/4" to 15 1/2" of the floor joist final hight.  Set jack in place with the threaded
end on top.  Center the top plate to the joist being raised.  Check to be sure the jack is plumb on
both sides.  Screw bottom adjustment nut to raise the top plate. Once desired hight is achieved,
screw top jam nut to jam against the adjustment nut. Use as many jacks as needed to level the
floor with precise detail.

Warning:   It may be possible that adding more jacks can cause others to become loose so go back
and check the previously installed jacks to ensure there is pressure and they won't fall out!  These
jacks are not weight rated so discretion must be used by a competent person to know how many
jacks to use in an area to ensure proper bracing of the floor.

Contents:  The jacks are made of 1/4" plates, 3/4" threaded rod, 1" sch 20 pipe. for durability.

Paint and other modifications are optional for an extra charge.

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